Where do I find a sitter's contact information?

The contact information you see for a sitter will vary depending on whether you've booked with them.

Before booking

After booking

Before booking

For privacy reasons, Rover doesn’t display a sitter’s contact information until you’ve booked with them. The best way to communicate with a potential sitter is through Rover Messages

To begin a conversation, go to the sitter’s profile page and select the Contact button.

You can also call or text the sitter or dog walker using their Rover number. Rover numbers allow pet owners and sitters to call and text each other while keeping their actual phone numbers private. Unique Rover numbers are assigned to each pet owner/sitter relationship


After booking

Once you‘ve booked and paid for a service, you can find your sitter’s contact information in the Upcoming bookings section of your inbox. You'll also receive a confirmation email which includes this information on the itinerary.

  • If you booked a Dog Boarding or Doggy Day Care service, you'll see the sitter's phone number and address in your booking details. 

  • If you booked a House Sitting, Dog Walking, or Drop-In Visit, you'll see the sitter's phone number.

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