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What are holiday rates and how do I manage them?

Holidays are a busy time for everyone, sitters and pet parents alike. That’s why you have the ability to raise your rates for dog boarding, house sitting, and drop-in visits throughout the holiday season. We recommend checking out the holiday pricing of other sitters in your area to help you determine what your holiday rate should be. We’ve noticed that generally, sitters tend to set their holiday rates 10-20% above their standard rates.

Holiday rates automatically apply to bookings that happen over the following dates, when we typically see an increase in booking requests.

Here are the U.S. holiday dates for 2018:

  • Martin Luther King Day: January 11 - January 17
  • President's Day: February 15 - February 21
  • Memorial Day: May 24 - May 30
  • 4th of July: July 2 - July 6
  • Labor Day: August 30 - September 5
  • Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day: October 5 - October 10
  • Thanksgiving: November 18 - November 27
  • Christmas and New Years: December 20 - January 3

We've noticed that more requests tend to come in over the dates we listed above, but if you notice different trends within your own business, you can apply your holiday rate to other holidays as well.

If a booking includes dates within the holiday period, generally your holiday rate will be applied to the first dog in the booking for the entire booking. For instance, let’s say you receive a house sitting request for November 25 to November 30 for two dogs. The holiday rate would apply to just the first dog for all five nights, since November 25 is considered a holiday date. Of course, if you’re ever wanting to provide a custom price for a particular client during the holiday season, you can edit the price for any booking request by following the steps in this article.

We haven’t established holiday dates for Canada yet, so holiday rates will not automatically apply for Canadian bookings. However, if you live in Canada and receive a holiday request, you can still manually apply your holiday rates to the request--check out this article to learn how.


Don’t want to raise your rates for the holidays? Simply leave your holiday rate blank and Rover will use your normal service rate for holiday stays and drop-in visits. 


How to set or edit your holiday rate:


1. Navigate to your profile by selecting your name in the upper right corner your screen. Select Profile.

2. Navigate to Services / Rates and select Rates.

3. Select Additional Rates.

4. Type in your desired rate in the field next to Holiday Rate.

5. Select Save. You’re all set!



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