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How do I set my status to Away or Repeat Only?

Setting your status to away allows you to take a break from offering services while maintaining your Rover profile and client list.  It’s especially useful when you’ll be unable to respond quickly to requests—like during a well-deserved vacation or when you’re hosting guests from out of town.

That's because when you set a service's status to away, you'll no longer be visible in search for that service. Additionally, when you set a service's status to repeat only, your profile will be removed from search results for that service while still allowing your current clients to contact you with requests.

1. Navigate to your profile by selecting your name in the upper right corner of your screen. Select Profile.

2. Under Services / Rates, select Services.

3. Under each service you offer, select +Show Options. Toggle the circle to change your status to Away if you need a break and want to remove yourself from search results.


4. Do this for each service you want to update, then scroll down and select Save.



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