How do payments and rates work for a recurring service?

Getting paid for a recurring service

In order to get paid, you must send a Rover Card on the day of service. Once you successfully send your client a Rover Card, you'll receive payment on Tuesday of the following week.

If you or your client need to cancel a single service for this week or any upcoming week, you can do it from the Rover app. This article explains how to cancel.

Rates for a recurring service

Rates for a recurring service are based on the rates you set at the time of the initial booking. This means the rates are essentially locked in once you book with a client.

For example, if a recurring booking falls on holiday dates, or if you update your profile rates, the rates won't change for that recurring booking.

If you want a recurring service to reflect new rates you've set, you can end the recurring booking and start a new one with your client.

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