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How do I manage recurring bookings?

Recurring bookings allow clients to set a daytime service to repeat with you every week. Just book it once, and the service will repeat automatically until you cancel. This is a great way to set a consistent schedule with repeat clients. 

Recurring bookings are available for dog walkingday care, and drop-in visits.

Accepting a recurring booking

Getting paid 

Adding an extra booking

Ending a recurring booking


Accepting a recurring booking

If an owner sends a recurring booking request, it will be displayed in the Booking Details section indicating that the service repeats weekly. Simply book the request as you normally would.

Getting paid

In order to get paid for a recurring booking, you must send a Rover Card on the day of service. Once you successfully send your client a Rover Card, you'll receive payment on Tuesday of the following week.

If your client requests a one-time cancellation, follow these steps:

  1. Don't create a Rover card for that service.

  2. You'll receive a confirmation email on Monday. In order for you to receive on-time payment for your other services, please reply to that email to confirm that you intentionally skipped a Rover Card in order to cancel the service. This also ensures that your client receives a refund.

Adding an extra booking

Need to add an extra walk, drop-in, or day care stay to an existing recurring booking? You can do this right from the Rover app by simply creating a new Rover Card. Your client will be billed separately for extra bookings.

Here's how to create a new Rover Card:

  1. Open the Rover app and tap Home.
  2. Tap the +Booking icon above your bookings for the day.
  3. Tap the client’s name to begin a new Rover Card.
  4. Select Yes, I'm sure.

Ending a recurring booking 

To end a recurring booking, you can cancel it from your Rover account. Keep in mind that the current week's booking will remain scheduled, but no new bookings will generate going forward. Here’s how to cancel:

Rover app

  1. Locate the booking and tap the three-dotted icon.
  2. Tap Modify booking, then Cancel booking.
  3. Select a cancellation reason from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Confirm your changes by tapping Cancel booking.


  1. Navigate to the Stay Details section of the booking from your inbox and select Cancel Booking.
  2. Select a cancellation reason and confirm your changes.

You and your client will receive a message confirming the cancellation. No new bookings for this client will appear beyond the one scheduled for the current week.

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