What are locked-in rates?

With locked-in rates, sitters have the flexibility to set specific rates for certain clients. When you lock in service rates for a client, those prices will be automatically applied when they re-book with you.

A few things to note about locked-in rates:

  • Rates are locked in per client by service type. This means that each service you offer will have specific locked-in rates applied to your client.
  • If any of your rates aren't locked in, we'll display an orange warning icon next to it and on the booking details.

How to lock rates for clients

You can lock in a rate for a client from different sections of your inbox from your Rover account. Here’s how:

Rover app

  1. Open the Rover app and tap Inbox, then navigate to the Pending, Upcoming, or Past Stays section.

  2. Tap on your client’s name and select Details. Under Payment Details, tap Lock rates for [Client name].
  3. Review the listed rates to ensure they reflect your preferences, then scroll to the bottom and tap Lock rates.


Your client will pay these locked rates for all future bookings. These rates will not change for your client, even if you increase your default rates.

If no longer want to lock rates for a client, scroll to the bottom of their booking details and tap Update to default rates.


You can manage locked rates from the Pending requests, Past bookings, or Upcoming bookings section on your account.

Pending requests

  1. Select Pending requests and locate the client whose rates you want to lock.

  2. Select Modify request in the Stay Details box.

  3. Turn the toggle button green next to Lock your rates for future stays with [Client name].

  4. Select Submit changes to save your changes.

Past bookings or upcoming bookings

1. Locate the booking from the Past bookings or Upcoming bookings section of your inbox.

2. Open the booking details for your client, then select Lock rates for future stays with [Client name].


3. Review the listed rates and confirm your changes by selecting Lock rates at the bottom of the page.

To unlock rates for a client, visit the Past bookings section of your inbox, then select Unlock rates.

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