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How does account sharing work for sitters?

Looking to add a partner or family member to your Rover sitter profile? We totally get how valuable teamwork can be when it comes to pet care.


To add another person to your sitter profile, contact Rover Support with the following information and we’ll guide you through the process from there:

  • The individual’s name
  • The individual’s phone number


Note: If the person you’re adding will be providing pet care, they’ll need to pass a general background check before they can be listed on your account.


Important things to keep in mind:

  • An individual may not create more than one Rover account for themselves.
  • All promotional deals and discounts are limited to one per household.
  • Referral credits cannot be awarded for referring yourself, members of your household, or other people who intend to make a booking for your pet(s).
  • Exceptions to the one account per household rule can be made. Check out this article or contact Rover Support for details.


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