What are the service fees?

We believe everyone deserves the unconditional love of a pet—and at Rover, our mission is to make it easier to experience that love. We do this by providing an innovative and secure platform, offering 24/7 customer support, and building better tools. Service fees allow Rover to operate and continually make improvements based on the needs of our growing community. They also cover the Rover Guarantee, a reimbursement program primarily intended to protect pets.



Service fees vary depending on when your Rover profile was approved.

Profile approval date Service fee per booking
Before March 1, 2016  15%
On/After March 1, 2016 20%
Sitters with RoverGO  25%

Pet sitters and dog walkers are the cornerstone of our business. Without their passion, hard work, and devotion to providing amazing pet care, we wouldn't be here. We're here to provide ongoing support, educational opportunities, and to help each individual grow their business—and we’re in it for the long haul. These fees help us do that, along with facilitating Rover’s customer support, 24/7 trust and safety coverage, and important site maintenance and product improvements. They also help cover benefits for sitters, including the costs of processing payments and ongoing promotion of sitters on Rover.


Beginning in September 2015, bookings by new account holders are charged a service fee to support Rover’s operating costs, and cover state and local taxes, where applicable.

Services booked through a Rover account created prior to the date the fee was implemented will not be subject to the owner service fee. The fee cannot exceed $50 USD per booking. It’s refundable should the booking be canceled by either the sitter or the owner, in accordance with your sitter’s cancellation policy. If the booking dates change, the fee will be updated accordingly. 


How do these fees impact my business?

For pet sitters and dog walkers on Rover, these fees are designed to support you every step of the way, and they’re standard in our industry. We use these standard service fees to do things like:

  • Continually improve your experience with the Rover website and mobile apps.
  • Expand our Trust & Safety team to offer best-in-class 24/7 emergency support. (That means whenever you call, we’ll be there to answer.)
  • Create original educational content specifically for sitters in our Sitter Resources Center and Help Center.

In short, these fees help us build our business so we can help you build yours.


If I left Rover as a sitter prior to March 2016 and then come back, what will my service fee be?

If your sitter profile was originally created and approved before March 1, 2016, you’ll pay a 15% service fee for each booking.


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