What do the statistics on my profile page mean?

When pet owners view your profile, they see several statistics that provide info about your response rate, response time, and photo rate. Improving these statistics can put your clients’ minds at ease and encourage them to contact you.

What the numbers tell your clients:

Response rate is a percentage that looks at how often you responded to your most recent 25 initial messages within 24 hours.

  • Responding within 24 hours will keep your response rate high, but you’re more than twice as likely to book the stay if you respond to requests within an hour of receiving them.
  • Note: As a sitter, you may occasionally get duplicate requests from the same pet parent. Be sure to respond to all requests--duplicate requests contribute to your response rate too.

Response time is the time it takes for you to respond to initial messages from pet parents during daytime hours. This doesn't include requests you receive between 9pm and 8am the next morning.

  • This number is based on your 25 most recent requests.
  • Responding within 15 minutes of receiving requests is a great way to improve this stat. If you haven’t already, enable text message notifications or download the Rover app to reply faster than ever. Don't forget to enable the app's notifications as well.

Photo rate measures how often you send photos through Rover of your client’s dogs during stays or walks.

  • This number is based on your 10 most recent stays or walks in which the owner has requested both the booking and photos.
  • Sending photos is a good way to assure clients that their dog is in great hands. You can even send photos after a booking has ended to improve your rate at any time.

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