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How long will it take Rover to review my profile?

Most profiles will be reviewed by our sitter team within five business days. If approved, you’ll receive an email notification and your profile will be displayed in search results. If it's been longer than five business days since you submitted your profile, be sure to check your email spam filters—it's possible our sitter team has emailed you already.


How can I check my status?

Take a look at your profile page to check your status.

  • If you see this banner, your profile needs a few tweaks before we can move forward. Check your email for details on what should be updated.

  • If you see X marks like in the example below, that means your profile is not yet complete. Complete each part of your profile until there are no more Xs. Then, our sitter team will review your profile and get in touch with you via email, typically in about 5 business days.



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