Fees and rates in California

For legal reasons specific to California, the way you enter rates will be different than in other states. This difference makes it clear how much you’ll take home/earn, and the amount of money you earn from your business hasn't changed. As always, you set your own rates and can change them at any time. 

The number you enter as your rate for a service is the amount of money you take home. Once you enter your rate, you’ll see the list price displayed under it. This is the price your clients will see on your profile, and it includes the service fee that clients pay to keep Rover running.

How pet care providers in other states enter their rates: 

How pet care providers in California enter their rates:











Service fees allow Rover to operate and continually make improvements based on the needs of our growing community of both pet owners and pet care providers, and cover things such as:

  • The Rover Guarantee, a reimbursement program primarily intended to protect pets.
  • Rover’s 24/7 support, including a dedicated team of safety experts.
  • Secure payment processing for each booking.
  • Use of the Rover platform to facilitate connections between pet care providers and pet owners.
  • Essential site maintenance and continuous product improvements.

The service fees that pet owners pay are added in two places:

  • Fees to the list price
  • Fees at checkout

Fees to the list price

Rover includes a service fee in the list price that's 25%—rounded to the nearest dollar—of the rate you set for each service

The price that’s listed on your profile for each service includes the rate you entered plus a service fee that pet owners pay. Previous documentation about this fee sometimes referred to the service fee as 20% of the list price that appears on your profile. Because you'll now enter the rate you keep for each service, and not the list price, the service fee percentage is now based on the rate you keep and then added on top, and that rate is 25%.

Here's an example:

  • You set your rate to $80.
  • As a result, your list price is $100.
  • The $20 service fee that your client pays (the difference between the list price, and your rate) is equivalent to 20% of the list price.

Fees at checkout

Service fees are also added during checkout when a pet owner pays for the booking. Fees applied at the point of checkout can’t exceed $50, and the rate varies depending on factors such as the pet owner’s location and the date the pet owner joined Rover.

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