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How do I manage my inbox?

Your inbox is separated into categories to help you keep track of your requests. Here we'll go over how to access your inbox and what each category means:


1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the envelope icon.



  1. In your inbox, you'll see pending requests, upcoming stays, past stays and archived requests.


Pending Requests are request that haven't been booked yet. 

  • When an owner sends a request, it will appear here. 
  • You can proactively archive any pending request. When you're unable to book a service it's important to archive it. Why? Because when an unbooked request sits in your inbox for 72 hours or longer, that tells us that you’re too busy or unavailable. As a result, you may not appear in search for those dates, meaning potential clients won’t be able to find you. 

Upcoming Stays are requests you have booked that are current or upcoming. Once a booking is listed in this section of your inbox, that means that your client has paid for the request and that you have accepted the request as well. 

Past Stays are past bookings that have already occurred. Note: Once you've already booked a client, you can initiate a new booking with them for their convenience by selecting the Book Again button. You can learn more about how to initiate these bookings here.


Archived requests are requests you received that were never booked or bookings which were cancelled. If you need to unarchive a current or future request, select Unarchive, and the request will move back to the pending requests section of your inbox.  



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