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What are recurring bookings?

Recurring bookings allow you to choose whether you want a booking to repeat automatically every week. With this feature, bookings take place on the same day of the week and they'll repeat on an ongoing basis. You can discontinue recurring bookings at any time.

This feature is available for dog walkingday care, and drop-in visits.

How to create a recurring booking

1. To initiate a recurring booking, create a new request with a sitter or dog walker.

2. Select Repeat weekly and specify which days you need service.

Billing for recurring bookings

With Recurring Bookings feature, you're billed every Monday for the upcoming week of service.  Sitters must generate Rover Cards in order to receive payment for the service. This is how Rover can see if a service was completed or not.

If you'd like to request additional services that weren't scheduled (like extra walks, drop-ins, or daycare), contact your sitter directly via Rover Messages. From there, they can create an additional Rover Card to bill you for the extra services.

Cancellation policy

Recurring bookings have a flexible cancellation policy. This means that you'll receive a full refund any time services weren't provided by the sitter or if you need to cancel.






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