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Why am I receiving an error message when I try to pay?

There are a number of reasons why you may receive an error message after attempting to pay for a booking. When this happens, please check to make sure:

  • The expiration date and CVV number on your card match what you entered.

  • The zip code you entered matches what's currently on file with your card.

  • There aren't any typos in the credit card number to ensure you didn't miss a digit.

  • Your method of payment is compatible with Rover's accepted payment types.

  • The billing address for your payment method matches what's on file with your account. For instance, if you've moved recently, try re-submitting payment using your old address.

Here's a list of payment methods we accept, as well as a list of the ones that we're currently unable to support:

Accepted Payment Methods Unaccepted Payment Methods
Visa Prepaid cards
Mastercard PayPal
Amex Apple Pay
Canadian credit cards  
Rover gift cards  

If you continue to experience issues submitting a payment, we recommend contacting your financial institution to confirm your billing address, or using a different payment method.

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