How do I report an issue with a past stay?

No matter how careful you are, the occasional problem can come up during a stay. 

We've found from experience that issues are often best resolved by simply reaching out to the other party. If there was an issue during a booked stay or walk, we encourage you to reach out to your sitter first through Rover Messages.

If you're unable to come to an agreement, send an email to Rover Support by selecting Log in to get help at the top of this page, then selecting the chat icon at below. We'll review your issue to determine next steps in reaching a possible resolution.

In your email to Rover Support, please include the following information:

  • A summary of the problem
  • Any supporting documents
  • Your ideal outcome 

Requirements for dispute review

Rover's goal is to provide a place for sitters and pet owners to resolve problems together, and that means offering reasonable and positive solutions for everyone involved.

Disputes for stays or walks must meet the following requirements:

  • You booked the stay or walk on or in the Rover app.
  • You paid for the booking on or in the Rover app.
  • You must report the issue to Rover Support no later than 28 days after the stay or walk ends.

 The following items are not eligible for review by our support team:

  • Stays or walks not booked and paid for through Rover
  • Requests to deactivate or penalize another sitter or pet owner’s account
  • Disputes against Rover’s Terms of Service or other policies, such as a sitter’s cancellation policy 


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