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What's the difference between a dog review and dog notes?

A dog review allows you to share feedback with Rover Support about a specific pet you cared for during a stay. This allows us to reference a pet's history to ensure safe pet sitting experience on Rover for sitters and their client's pets.

Pet reviews are not viewable to you, your client, or other sitters. Once you submit a pet review, you will only be able to see the star rating. The written portion will only be visible to the Rover Support team.

Dog notes are a great resource for sitters who want to keep a record of information about a dog that they can reference later. Dog notes are only available to you, and you can reference them at any time from the dog's profile.

How to leave a review

Rover app 

  1. Open the completed booking you'd like to review. 
  2. Tap Leave Review
  3. Provide a star rating, write your review, then select Submit Rating.  


  1. Navigate to Past Stays from your inbox. 
  2. Select Review this stay
  3. Provide a star rating, write your review, then select Submit Rating

You can also include dog notes for recurring bookings 

How to add and view dog notes 

Note: You'll need to use a computer or mobile browser to manage dog notes. 

  1. Open the booking for the dog you’d like to leave notes for.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select the dog profile located under your client’s name.
  3. Select the blue Edit your dog notes link.
  4. Add or make changes to your notes, then select Update Notes.


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