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How do I cancel a grooming?

If you're unable to complete a grooming request, contact your client via Rover Messages first. Once you do that, you can cancel the groom from either the Rover app or from a computer.

Rover app

  1. Open your inbox and tap Upcoming bookings. Locate the booking you want to cancel, then select the three-dotted icon in the right corner of the screen. Tap Cancel Grooming.

  2. Confirm this is the groom you need to cancel, then tap Continue. 

  3. Choose a cancellation reason from the list of options, then select Review cancellation.

  4. If everything looks accurate, tap Confirm cancellation.

  5. Grooming support will text you once the cancellation has been processed


  1. Navigate to the Upcoming section of your inbox.

  2. Select Cancel booking under Grooming details.

  3. Choose your reason for canceling, then select Request change.

  4. The Grooming Support team will send you confirmation text once your cancellation has been processed.

For more information about cancellation policies and refunds for canceled appointments, visit this article.

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