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What are the different ways to book a walk or drop-in on Rover?

On Rover, you can book a pet care provider using the search and browse feature, or through Rover Now.

  • With the search and browse option, you can review pet care provider profiles and choose who you want to contact about caring for your pet.

  • If you don't want to manually search for a pet care provider, you can use Rover Now. This feature automatically notifies available pet care providers for you.

For more information about the differences between Rover Now and the browse tool, check out the sections below.

Finding a sitter or walker

Service Key difference Relevant article
Rover Now Rover Now automatically notifies available pet care providers for you. This way, you don't have to manually search, filter, or contact them individually to see if they're available. With this service, just specify the service and the dates you need, and an available pet care provider will accept it. We'll notify you from the Rover app once your request has been booked.  How do I request a Rover Now walk or drop-in?
Searching and browsing

With this option, you can manually search and browse from a list of sitters and dog walkers in your area. Narrow your search results by selecting the service you’re interested in, the dates you need service for, the  price range, and more. 

Once you find a provider you like, you can contact them directly using Rover Messages to see if they're able to accept your request.

 How do I find a sitter or dog walker for my pet?


Pricing for walks and drop-ins

Rover Now Search and browse

You'll see the price of a booking in the initial steps of submitting your request. This price will vary based on your location, the duration of the requested service, and the number of pets you have.

You'll be charged once your walker or sitter starts the Rover Card. 

For these types of bookings, sitters and walkers set their own prices. They are also subject to a service fee.

You be charged at the time you and your sitter accept the booking, regardless of when the booking is set to start.



Cancellation fees 

In some cases, you may receive a partial refund for a booking depending on the sitter's cancellation policy and the type of service. Check out the table below for more information.

Rover Now Search and browse
You'll receive a full refund if you cancel the booking before the start timeClick here to learn how to cancel a Rover Now walk.

Dog Walking: You'll receive a full refund if you cancel the walk before your sitter provides the day's service.

Drop-ins: You may receive a partial refund depending on your sitter's cancellation policy. Sitters can set this as Flexible, Moderate, or Strict. Please contact your sitter directly if you have questions about canceling.

Visit this article to learn more about sitter cancellation policies.


Sitter cancellations

In rare cases, a sitter may need to cancel a booking. Here's what happens if a sitter cancels:

Rover Now Search and browse
  • If your Rover Now booking hasn't started within 30 minutes of the time you specified, our team will contact your walker/sitter to confirm that they're going to arrive.

  • If your sitter or walker cancels the booking, our Rover Now support team will resubmit your request. This will notify nearby Rover Now pet care providers. You will not be charged until a replacement sitter walker completes your booking with the Rover Card.

If a sitter or dog walker cancels your booking within 7 days of your service start date, you'll receive a refund. Rover will also provide a $20 credit to help cover the cost of finding a new sitter or walker.

For more information, check out Rover's Booking Protection Policy



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