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What are the different types of dog walking and drop-in services I can offer?

Depending on your location, there are a couple of ways sitters can receive dog walking and drop-in requests:

  • Through Rover's search and browse feature, where owners can view a list of pet care providers and choose who they want to contact.

  • Through Rover Now, which allows you to view available requests from pet owners in your area. With this option, you can choose requests that you can accept. This feature is only available in select cities and requires a separate certification process.

If you live in a city where Rover Now is offered, you can receive dog walking and drop-in requests using both service options.  The tables below outline the key differences between Rover Now and the search and browse feature. 

Viewing and receiving booking requests

Service Key difference Additional resources
Rover Now Available Rover Now bookings will appear in the Requests tab in the Rover app. Simply accept the requests you want and disregard the ones you don't want.

Note: Rover Now bookings do not affect sitter performance scores.
How do I view and accept requests with Rover Now? 
Search and browse
  • As with all other services outside of Rover Now, owners can browse provider profiles and send booking requests to the ones they like. These bookings will show in the pending section of your inbox.
  • Pet parents will select the Contact button on your profile to initiate a booking request with you.
 How do I book with an owner?



Getting paid

Service Key difference
Rover Now

Rover Now booking prices are fixed, and they're determined based on your location and the length of the service. You can view this pricing in the rates section of your profile.

You'll be able to withdraw funds 48 hours after you complete the booking.

 Search and browse

You get to set your prices for dog walking and drop-ins. You can also modify rates for pending requests.

These bookings will be subject to the standard Rover fee.

Payments for Rover bookings will be available for withdrawal 48 hours after you successfully complete the entirety of the booking. 


Cancellation policies


Service Key difference


Rover Now
  • Clients can cancel a Rover Now booking at any time before the booking starts.

  • If you need to cancel, we ask that you do at least 3 days before the booking date. Frequent, last-minute cancellations may prevent you from being able to offer Rover Now services in the future.
What is Rover Now’s cancellation policy?
Search and browse
  • Drop ins: Clients will be subject to the cancellation policy you've set on your account.

  • All booked walks have a flexible cancellation policy, which means clients can cancel at any time. 

  • Your account may be subject to review if you cancel within 7 days of an upcoming stay, or within 14 days of a holiday.
What are the sitter cancellation policies? 


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