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What are the different types of Rover Now services?

Owners can request dog walks or drop-in services on Rover Now. We've outlined what to expect for each of these services, as well as the different scheduling options that owners can request.

Dog walks

When a client requests to book a walk, you're expected to walk their dog for at least 30 minutes. You'll track your walk using the Rover Card, which you should start as soon as you have the dog outside, leashed, and ready to begin the walk.

Note: Most 30-minute walks should cover a distance of around 1 mile. 


Drop-ins are home visits caring for a cat or dog. Pet care will vary based on the client's needs. This may involve walking a client's dog, cleaning a cat's litter box, playtime, feeding, or medication administration. Clients will specify these care expectations in the notes section of their request.

Scheduling options

Owners can schedule walks and drop-ins using one of the three booking types: ASAP, scheduled, and recurring.

Owners use ASAP requests these when they're looking for a someone right away. You’re expected to arrive within 30 minutes of accepting the request.

Each request will allow you to preview the distance from your location on a map. Tap on the map to preview your route to ensure that you can arrive within the required 30-minute window.

Owners can request bookings for future times and dates. The scheduled times will appear in the request details. It will also display the following information:

  • Length of the booking (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • Distance to their location
  • Service dates and arrival times

Note: An owner may have multiple dates scheduled in their request. Before you accept the booking, make sure you can provide care for all dates included in the request.

Recurring bookings can be requested for specific days of the week, and they’ll repeat indefinitely until cancelled. This is a great option if you prefer to have a consistent weekly schedule with the same clients. 

Recurring walks will appear in the Upcoming section of your inbox. You'll see two weeks of recurring walks at a time, and they'll continue to appear unless you or your client cancels.

Recurring requests have two cycling arrows to illustrate that it will continue to repeat. 


We understand that occasional cancellations may happen for recurring bookings. If you need to cancel some dates, we recommend submitting a cancellation request within 3 days of the service date so your client has time to find a different pet care provider.

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