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I'm unable to start or stop the Rover Card

Rover Cards help you keep track of your performance and ensure that you receive payment for completed walks.

We're always making improvements to the Rover app to ensure that owners and walkers have a seamless experience, but if you run into issues with the Rover Card, try the tips below.

Issues Locating the Rover Card

If you can't find the Rover Card to track your walk, please try the following:

If you haven’t started the Rover Card

  • Open the Today tab.

  • Sign out of the app and then sign back in.

If you started the Rover Card

  • Revisit the Today tab and stay signed in to your account—signing out could cause the card to disappear permanently.

  • Toggle between the Nothing Active or Active Rover Card options at the top of your screen.

If none of these options work and you’re sure you started the Rover Card, then there may have been an issue with cellular service in the area. Since you started the card, you’ll still be paid.

Please contact your client via Rover Messages when the walk is over and provide any details or photos from the walk so they know it ended safely.

Issues Starting or Stopping the Rover Card

If you can’t start or stop the Rover Card, then it may be due to limited cellular service. Try relocating to an area with improved service to see if this resolves the issue.

If this doesn’t work, contact Rover Now Support right away, then call or send a message to your client to let them know that you’re having technical difficulties starting the card. Please provide them with photos and walk details via Rover Messages so they know the walk is complete.

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