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Managing your walker profile for the holidays

Whether you're hoping to take on more requests or plan on taking a well-deserved break during the holiday season, make sure your walker profile accurately reflects your availability. Check out the tips below.

If you aren't accepting Rover Now walks during the holidays, turn on Away mode.

Turning on Away mode ensures that you don't receive notifications for walks when you aren't available. When you're ready to accept walks, you can turn off Away mode and you'll start to see requests again. Be sure to keep  an eye out for available walks by regularly checking the Requests tab on your app.

For more information on how to turn on Away mode, check out these article for your computer and mobile app instructions:


If you're traveling to another city where Rover Now is offered, you can pick up walks in that area.

Rover Now is available in the following cities:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • New York, NY
  • Washington D.C.
  • Boston, MA
  • Austin, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA

If you plan on being in one of these cities during the holidays and would like to continue offering walks, you just need to update your profile address to match that city. 

This article explains how to update your address.

If you plan on accepting Rover Walks in your area during the holidays, you'll continue to see requests from clients in your area. 

Continue checking the Requests tab regularly for available requests, and keep an eye out for texts and push notifications when a walk is available.

For tips on how to successfully manage your schedule as a Rover Now walker, check out this post from the Rover Blog.












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