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How do I request a Rover Now walk?

Currently, Rover Now dog walking is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.


You can request a Rover Now walk from the Rover app, from your computer, or from your phone's mobile browser.





1. Sign in to the Rover app and tap the three-lined More icon, then select Book a new service.

2. Tap Rover Now Dog Walking.


3. To book a walk within the hour, tap Walk Now. If you want to schedule a future walk or set up multiple recurring walks, select Walk Later.



4. Specify whether you want a short walk or a longer walk by selecting Regular Walk (30 minutes) or Long Walk (60 minutes). Once you’ve made your selection, tap Next.  


5. In the Walk details section, review (or modify) the schedule, service information, and pet information. If you selected the Walk Later option, set the schedule by specifying the dates, times, and frequency of the walks. Tap Next when finished.


6. If this is your first time booking a walk, fill out the Walker Instruction fields (Home Access, Pet & Leash Location, Pet Behaviors & Triggers, and any additional notes). When finished, tap Review booking. If you already completed this information from a previous walk, select Save changes.


7. Review your request to make sure the schedule, walk type, and address are correct. From here, you can make additional changes by tapping the arrows next to the field you want to modify.  If everything looks good, tap Book walks.





1. Go to and sign in to your account.

2. Scroll down the page to Rover Now Dog Walking and click the purple arrow displaying the zip code associated with your account. Then, select Book a walk.

3. Schedule the walk's date, time, length of walk and specify which dog(s) will be included on the walk. When finished, select Save and Continue.


4. Include notes about your dog’s behavior, then select Next.


5. If this is your first walk, you’ll be prompted to enter your address and provide notes on how the walker can enter your home and where your dog’s leash is located. Otherwise, your saved information will appear and you’ll have the option to make modifications if necessary. When finished, select Next.


6. If you chose the Walk Later option, specify the dates and times when you’d like your dog to be walked and whether you’d like the walk to repeat weekly, then select Save.

7. Review the walk details to verify the dates, times, and location are correct. Add your payment information and any promotional codes you may have, then select Apply. Your card won’t be charged until your Rover Now walk begins.


8. When you’re ready to request a walk, select Book Walk. A confirmation page will appear, and we’ll notify you as soon as we match you with a walker.

Once you've been matched with a walker, you'll be able to communicate with them from the Upcoming Stays tab of your inbox.

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