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How do I enter my client’s home during a Rover Now walk?

Currently, Rover Now dog walking is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.

Once you accept a Rover Now walk, you'll be able to view instructions for accessing your client's home for the walk on the Rover app


To view this information:

1. Open your inbox and tap Upcoming.

2. Select the walk you want to view.


3. Tap Details to see a detailed summary of the booking information.


4. Scroll down to Home Entry Instructions.



Issues accessing the client’s home

Occasionally, you may run into issues when attempting to access your client’s home. When this happens, we suggest the following steps:

  • Take a second look at the instructions to ensure you didn’t miss anything.
  • Send the client a message through the Rover app.
  • If they haven’t responded to your message, try giving them a call.
  • Wait at least 15 minutes for a response.

If you haven’t heard from the client and you’re still having trouble accessing their home, please contact Rover Support by selecting Contact Support at the bottom of this article.

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