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How do I view and accept walk requests through Rover Now?

All available Rover Now walks will appear on the mobile app in the Request tab of your account. Requests will appear in this tab as they become available, and you can accept as many as your schedule permits. If you no longer see a walk you initially received a notification for, then it was likely canceled or booked by another walker. 

The Request tab displays the following information:

  • Distance
  • Neighborhood
  • Walk Length (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • Walk Type (Walk Now or Walk Later)

To view and book a walk:

1. Tap Requests and select the walk you want to view. Once you click on the request, you'll see the schedule, a list of pet behaviors and triggers, and leash instructions.


2. Tap on the map and preview your route to ensure that you can arrive within the scheduled time. For ASAP walk requests, you’re expected to arrive within 30 minutes of booking the walk.


3. If the booking is a good match, tap Book walk. You’ll then have access to home entry instructions, as well as the option to communicate directly with your client via Rover Messages to let them know you’re on your way to complete the walk.


4. Your client will receive a notification informing them that you accepted their request.  They will also be notified when you start and successfully complete the walk, and they’ll receive a Rover Card summarizing how the walk went.


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