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How do I edit my Rover Now walk request?

Currently, Rover Now dog walking is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.


Did you request a Rover Now walk for your dog, but forget to include some important instructions? Don’t worry! While it’s not possible to go back and edit a request once it’s submitted, we do have some workarounds for updating request details:  

  • Adding last-minute notes to your walker: Need to add a few more details about your dog, or update your walker on where you store your dog’s leash? Feel free to communicate these changes via Rover messages.  


  • Modifying home access instructionsIf you need to adjust your home access instructions, such as your lockbox code, contact Rover Now Support. We’ll update this information so that it’s only visible to your walker on the day of the walk.


  • Changing the date/time of your walk: To change the date or start time of your Rover Now walk, message your walker to confirm they’re available. If they are, contact Rover Now Support and we’d be happy to update the booking for you. If your walker is unavailable, submit a cancelation request for the walk, then submit a new walk request for the new date and time.

Note: The next time you request a walk, you’ll have the opportunity to update any instructions or notes and that information will be saved for all future requests you make.

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