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How do I get paid for Rover Now services?

Currently, Rover Now is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.  

In order to receive payments for Rover Now walks and drop-ins, you must create a Rover Card for each booking. Payments will be disbursed in the Rover Balance section of your account 2 days after you completed the service. Pending payments will be displayed in the Pending Earnings section of your account.

To learn more about how to withdraw funds from your account, check out this article.

If you aren't seeing your funds displayed in Pending Earnings, please check to make sure that:

  • You created a Rover Card for the booking.
  • The booking hasn't been canceled.

Payments for bonus bookings

Occasionally, we’ll text Rover Now walkers about opportunities to earn a bonus for a Rover Now booking.

  • Standard payments for the booking will still be deposited 2 days after the service and will be reflected in the Earnings section of your Payment History.


  • Bonus deposits will be made 1 day after the service and will be visible in the Other section of your Payment history as a Manual Deposit.


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