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How do I set my Rover Now lockbox code?

Currently, Rover Now dog walking is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.  

No more hiding keys under the doormat. With your Rover Now lockbox, you can safely store your key for your walker and change the lockbox code as many times as you’d like.

Need a Rover Now lockbox? Request one here—they're free! 

Adding your lockbox code to your Rover Now request

When you submit a Rover Now walk request, you’ll be prompted to add your home access instructions in the “How should your walker get inside?” section. Make sure you include your lockbox code and any other instructions for entering your home.

Note: These instructions will only be visible to your walker beginning on the day of the walk and until the walk is complete.

Any time you change your lockbox code, make sure you update your home access instructions with the new code here.

Resetting your lockbox code

Lockboxes will arrive with the pre-set code 0000. To reset the code, follow these steps:  

  1. Open the lockbox by aligning the numbers with the central line. Push down on the small, silver lever to pop it open.
  2. On the inside of the lockbox door, locate the silver lever next to “RESET.” Press firmly to move the lever to open and down until it sits next to “RESET.”
  3. With the lockbox now open, move the number dials to your desired combination. Then move the lever back and close the lockbox to save.    

To help keep your lockbox secure, we recommend resetting your code regularly to a random combination of numbers. Avoid using easily accessible personal information such as a birthdate, zip code or phone number. 


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