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How do I cancel a Rover Now walk?

Currently, Rover Now dog walking is only available in select cities. Learn more about Rover Now here.  

We understand that on rare occasions you may need to cancel a walk when plans change unexpectedly. When this happens, it’s best to notify the owner as soon as possible via Rover Messages. Once you officially request a cancelation, let them know that Rover Support will provide assistance in finding a replacement walker. 

Important: Keep in mind that canceling a walk fewer than seven days in advance may result in account review. 

To cancel a walk: 

1. Contact the owner first via Rover Messages to let them know you’re unable to complete the walk.


2. Open your upcoming walks and select the walk you need to cancel. If you have multiple or recurring walks you need to cancel, select which walks you need to cancel.  When finished, tap Cancel walk.


3. Let us know why you’re canceling. The more information you can provide, the better—especially when it’s a last-minute cancellation. For instance, if you’re canceling due to an emergency, schedule conflict, or at the owner’s request, this is helpful information for us to know so we can get a better sense of the situation.



4. Review the cancellation details to make sure the dates are correct,  then tap Cancel walk.


5. You’ll see a message confirming that your request to cancel the walk has been successfully submitted. Once your request has been fully processed, you’ll receive a message from Rover Support confirming the cancelation.


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