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Can roommates have separate accounts?

Typically, Rover’s policy is clear: one Rover account per household. However, there are situations where exceptions to that policy can be made:



  • Roommates: If roommates share care responsibilities for the same pet(s) or if roommates each have their own pet(s), it’s okay for each roommate to have their own account for booking pet care. Roommates are defined as individuals who live together, but don’t share any personal finances.
  • Shared Care Responsibilities: If two or more people share care responsibilities for the same pet(s) and don’t live together, it’s okay for each individual to have their own account.
  • Special Circumstances: If you don't fall into either of these categories, contact Rover Support and ask about an exception for your specific situation. We can sometimes make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.


Important Information for Sitters:

If you and a roommate qualify for an exception to the one account per household policy, we ask that you both do the following:

  1. Mention the other sitter in your profile description.
    Example: "My roommate, Sarah S., is also a Rover sitter, so there may be other pets in our home while I’m watching your pet(s). If this happens, I’ll absolutely notify you before our booking begins."
  2. Tell all clients about the other Rover sitter in your home before care begins. (When care is being provided in your home.)
  3. Do your best to arrange Meet & Greets between the pets you and your roommate are caring for if there’s overlap in their bookings. This helps ensure safe, stress-free bookings for everyone.


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