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How do automatic payments work?

If you turn on automatic payments, you can choose to send your current Rover balance to your PayPal account, or you can receive a payout via check. In the future, we’ll send all the money you earn on Rover directly to your PayPal account or as checks, depending on which option you choose.

Note: If you choose to receive your payouts as checks, we’ll charge you a $5 fee each time, which we’ll deduct from your Rover balance.

If you opt for automatic payments, you’ll never need to request a payment again. We’ll send your money to you automatically.


How do I turn on automatic payments?

1. Navigate to your dashboard by selecting your name in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Select Dashboard.

2. Under Rover Balance, select Withdraw Money.

3. Automatic payments are initially set to OFF. Select Edit, then select PayPal or Check.

4. Select Enable Automatic Payments. You’re all set!



Q: Will this cut down on the amount of time I have to wait to get paid?

A: If you choose PayPal automatic payments, we’ll automatically put your money into your PayPal account two days after a stay ends. You’ll usually see the money show up on the same day it’s deposited.

If you choose to get automatic checks, it’ll take up to 5 days after a stay ends to release your money. From there, it may take an additional 20 days to receive your check. Each time we send you a check, we’ll charge you $5, which we’ll deduct from your Rover balance. If you already choose to receive your payouts as checks, this is a great time to switch to PayPal.


Q: What if I don’t want to receive all of my current Rover balance?

A: If you turn on automatic payments, all of your current Rover balance (and any future payments) will be transferred to your PayPal account or sent to you via check. If you want to keep all or part of your Rover balance in your Rover account, don’t opt into automatic payments.


Q: If I choose the PayPal option, how do I get my money once it’s in my PayPal account?

A: From your PayPal account, you can leave your money there, or you can transfer all or part of it to your bank account. It’s up to you! If you have questions, check out PayPal Customer Support.

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