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How can I manage my donation preferences?

The Sit a Dog, Save a Life program allows pet sitters and dog walkers on Rover to raise money for nonprofits that support dogs in need. You can take part by choosing to donate a percentage of your profits to the charity of your choice.


Here’s how to manage your donation preferences:

1. Navigate to your Dashboard by selecting your name in the upper right corner of your screen. Select Dashboard.

2. Select View Payments & Promo Codes.


3. Under Donations, select Set donation preferences.



4. The donation percentage will default to 10% of your profits. If you want to change this, select the arrows in the percentage box and then select your preferred percentage.

5. Next, select the white circle next to the charity you want to donate to.


6. Select Make Pledge at the bottom of the page.

You can donate to as many charities as you want. Simply follow the steps above for each individual charity. You’ll also get a new profile badge for each charity you donate to.

If you want to remove any active donation pledges, select Remove next to the charity’s name at the top of the page.


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