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How can I extend a booked service?

Sometimes plans change and you may want to add a few extra days to a service after it's already been booked. No problem—if your sitter agrees, you can absolutely make this happen.

First, message your sitter to confirm they’re available. Then, your sitter can modify the booking’s dates to include your extension. To finalize the booking, you’ll just need to confirm the modification within 72 hours; check out this article to learn how.



What happened to the “extend booking” link?

If you’ve booked on Rover before, you may have noticed that there’s no longer an “extend booking” link on bookings. That’s because now, sitters can simply update the existing service’s dates to include the extension instead of creating a separate booking for the additional days.


Can I still send my sitter a separate booking request to extend my stay?

Yes, simply send your sitter a new booking request for the additional days that need to be added. Check out this article to learn how.

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