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Will I receive a 1099 from Rover?

Rover is not a tax advisor and cannot provide advice about taxes, income reporting, or unemployment.

If you’ve withdrawn $600 or more via check over the course of a calendar year, Rover will send you a 1099 tax form to the address listed on your W-9 by January 31. An electronic copy of your 1099 will also be emailed via by January 31.

If you receive payments via PayPal, then you won’t receive tax documentation from Rover. Since PayPal distributes these funds to you, it is responsible for handling your tax documentation in accordance with its own tax reporting practices.

What if I don’t meet the requirements to receive a 1099 from Rover?

The fact that your payments on Rover do not reach $600 in a tax year does not relieve you of your obligation to report and pay taxes for income received through the Rover platform. We encourage you to consult with a tax advisor to better understand your requirements.

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