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What does the background check look for?

Pet parents are dog lovers like you. They want to know that their dog will be safe, even at a glance. That's why we offer Checkr background checks to all pet sitters and dog walkers who list their services on Rover.

Checkr (a third-party provider) will confirm information such as your citizenship and social security number as well as your driving record and criminal history. Your credit history and score are not included in the background review.


Before you get started, have the following information ready:

  • Current full legal name including middle name
  • Social security number (if you're a U.S. sitter)
  • Two government-issued IDs (if you're a Canadian sitter)

You’ll receive an email with Checkr's results as soon as they're available. You can also check the status of your background check and download a copy of it here.  If you pass, you’ve earned a Background Check badge for your Rover sitter profile. This badge shows potential clients your commitment to earning their trust.

To begin your general background check, follow this link or select Background Check from your profile.


Note: The information you provide for a background check will remain strictly confidential. 

To learn more about Checkr background checks, contact Checkr customer support at 844-2-CHECKR.

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