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How do I manage my text messages and mobile notifications?

Text message notifications are a smart, efficient way to stay connected with Rover on the go. Here’s how to manage your notification options:

1. Navigate to your settings by selecting your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Settings.

2. We recommend enabling all text messages to help you manage your account, however, you can  disable all text messages by toggling the circle on the right to turn it white.


3. To enable all text messages, toggle the circle on the right to turn it green.


4. Once enabled, you can choose the phone number you’d like to receive the notifications.

5. You can also set quiet hours that delay nighttime text messages until the following morning. Turn quiet hours on by toggling the circle on the right to turn it green.


6. Next, in the Notifications tab, you can choose from a series of notification options for new inquiries, new messages, new booking requests, bookings declined, bookings confirmed, and receiving MMS. Toggle the circles to green to turn them on and to white to turn them off.


7. Select Save Settings. You’re all set!


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