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What is the Sitter to Sitter Plus program?

Dogs aren’t always a great fit for every sitter or environment. Sometimes situations arise during a stay where a Rover Dog shows unexpected behavior and a new sitter may be needed. That’s why we created Sitter to Sitter Plus. This is a program for sitters who have a strong understanding of how to care for dogs showing signs of anxiety or aggression. Sitters in this program have the opportunity to earn cash bonuses, swag bags, and repeat clients!


Here's how Sitter to Sitter Plus works:

  1. If a pet owner in your area needs a different sitter to care for their dog, our Stay Support Team will send you a message through the owner's Rover account. We’ll state that it’s a Sitter to Sitter Plus request and explain why the dog needs a new sitter.
  2. You can accept or decline the booking.  
  3. Once you complete the booking, you’ll be awarded a $100 bonus on top of your normal rate--plus we’ll send you a swag bag as an extra thank you.


How to know if you’re a good fit for the program

  1. You offer overnight services--Dog Boarding and/or House Sitting.
  2. You’re comfortable caring for a dog without a Meet & Greet.
  3. You’re a 5-star sitter whose completed at least 10 stays.



Q: Am I able to decline a request?

A: Absolutely. You are always able to decline a request. We want to ensure you’re comfortable and feel confident caring for the dog. Every Sitter to Sitter Plus request sent will clearly state it’s a Sitter to Sitter Plus request and describe the behavior the dog is showing.


Q: Will you send me requests for extremely aggressive dogs?

A: No. If we don’t think it’s safe to place a dog with a sitter who has an understanding of dog anxiety and aggressiveness, we will not send out requests to other sitters. Again you are always able to decline the request if you don’t think you’re the best fit for the dog.


How to opt-in to Sitter to Sitter Plus

  1. Complete a course from e-Training for Dogs called Safe Sitting: Reducing Risks While Caring for Anxious or Aggressive Dogs. Sign up here to take the course--enter code 15RoverSits for a special reduced price of $95.
  2. Once you've completed the training, you're automatically opted into Sitter to Sitter Plus!

If you decide to join Sitter to Sitter Plus, earning back the money spent on the Safe Sitting course is as easy as booking the first request we send your way. You'll also learn new skills to help you confidently care for dogs demonstrating anxious or aggressive behavior.


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