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How can I offer a custom quote?

So a pet parent wants to book with you again—that’s great! You can make their next stay even better than the last by creating a custom booking for them. Here's how: 

  1. Navigate to your Inbox by selecting the envelope icon.


2. Select the View past customers link.


3. Locate the client you’d like to book with. Pro tip: you can use the search box to filter your bookings by the owner's or dog’s name.  Select Book A New Stay.


4. Enter the service dates, select the type of service, write your client a message, and then select Create stay request to send the booking request to your client.


5. Locate and select your new request under the Pending Requests tab. There you can adjust the service dates, dogs, and price before booking if needed (see this article for more details). 

6.  Select Book It Now to request payment from your client and finalize the booking.

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